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What woods are available?

We have a wide variety that fall into three main categories which affects the price.

Standard Woods (As priced on price list)

Tropical Woods (10% more expensive than standard woods)

Exotic Woods (20% more expensive than standard woods)

Light Coloured Standard Woods

light coloured standard woods


stained oak woods

Tropical Woods

tropical woods

Darker Coloured Standard Woods

darker standard woods


mahogany woods

Exotic Woods

exotic woods

We have colour samples available for people unsure of colours. If none of our standard colours are suitable, it is usually possible to mix up a special stain. Contact us for more information

Build Style

What styles are available?

We have 4 main styles to apply to our furniture, however, depending on the customers requirements, we can custom design a style.

Georgian Style

georgian style

Spa Style

spa style

Cubic Style

cubic style

Current Edwards Style

current style


What fittings can I have?

Our furniture is supplied with a standard range of handles which are: wood knobs, antique brass knobs, brushed chrome knobs, Georgian style drop handles, regency ring pulls, and bar handles.

We also have a massive range of alternative handles etc. that we can get if none of the above are suitable, or in some cases a customer may send their own.

We use brass ” piano hinges” or “chrome hinges” dependent on customer requirements.

Our doors are let into solid wood rebates with magnet catches


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locally sourced wood
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