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Drawer Chest Range

This is an ever expanding range! The chests are available in all our styles or to a style specified by the client.

We have our own unique system for dividing up the drawers inside
We have designs for CD’S, DVD’s, Videos, Mini Disc, Audio Tapes, DAT Tapes, 7″ Singles and even clothes. With our unique system it’s possible to have a chest with a combination of drawers for different uses all in the same cabinet.

  • The drawers pull out fully on extending metal runners that are rated at 63kg (10 stone)
  • Specifically designed with clearance for those CD’s in boxers, so that spines of CD’s, DVD’s etc. face upwards for easy reading.
  • Each drawer is divided into channels by partitions which run from back to front of the drawer.
  • The partitions have notches in them to hold a thin piece of fibre-board which holds the CD’s upright, which can be moved backwards and forwards as the drawers fill up.
  • The partitions are set at different widths depending on what the drawer is to be used for.
  • Most of the CD chests come in 2,3,4 or 5 channel widths
  • DVD chests are usually made in 2,3, or 4 channel widths.
  • The side depth of the cabinet is the back to front measurement
  • Our chests are usually made in a choice of 2 standard side depths, 151/4 and 191/4.
  • The side depth chosen effects the capacity of the drawers
  • Other depth chests are made to order.

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