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A unique range of Handcrafted Adjustable Shelf Rotary Units which can accommodate either CDís, Cassette Tapes or books. The shelves can be adjusted in order to take just one media type or a combination of all three. The Wizard range is normally available in Oak, Ash, Pine, Teak and Mahogany. Other woods are available on request. All Wizards are free standing and revolve on a solidly constructed ball bearing plinth. 

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Model: Super 14

Capacity: 2296 CD's

Turning Circle Diameter: 90.8 cm

Height: 221.6 cm

Ref: 3A

Model: Academic

Capacity: (Books)

Turning Circle Diameter: 86.4 cm

Height: 207.6 cm

Ref: 3B

Model: Super 13

Capacity: 1976 CD's

Turning Circle Diameter: 86.4 cm

Height: 207.6 cm

Ref: 3C

Model: Standard

Capacity: 1536 CD's

Turning Circle Diameter: 77.5 cm

Height: 192.4 cm

Ref: 3D

Model: Mini

Capacity: 960 CD's

Turning Circle Diameter: 66 cm

Height: 161.3 cm

Ref: 3E

Model: LP Wizard

Capacity: -

Turning Circle Diameter: -

Height: -

Ref: -

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